Reviews and Awards

-4-time Kerrville New Folk Finalist
-South Florida Folk Festival Songwriting Contest Winner
-International Acoustic Music Awards – 1st Place, Folk/Roots/Americana
-Just Plain Folks New Folk Song of the Year
-Performing Songwriter Magazine Top 12 DIY
-Telluride Troubadour Finalist
-4 months in Top 40 Folk-DJ Radio Charts for ‘$12.99’
-3 months in Top 40 of Folk-DJ Radio Charts for ‘Live At Sundilla’

$12.99 Review from “With lyrics so pure and human, so natural and honest, $12.99 by Dave Potts will have you hanging onto every last word, waiting for the completion of the thought, like a moving, poetry puzzle that lives and breathes on its own. There is something so raw and unfiltered about his style that echoes the comfort and ease with delivery of country music. And while he’s probably the most countrified not-necessarily-country singer/songwriter we’ve seen in awhile, everything about his music is accessible without being dumbed down or thinned out. His influences aren’t surprising (David Wilcox, James Taylor, John Denver) but there is a definite reach beyond genre here, even while his music fits comfortably both within folk and country. That reach is one of unhindered, inspired musicality embodied within music that feels like it was always yearning to be written. ”

$12.99 Review from
“Contemplative stories rich with detail are the center of this wonderful CD. He’s a little David Wilcox in his presentation, with a warm voice similar to his but with fewer open tunings. He’s no pale imitation, though; his songwriting chops rival the better known folk singer. Rob Seals excellent production provides arrangements of tastefully played acoustic guitars, Dobro, mandolin, light percussion and more. In an easy conversational style, accessible but creative, Dave sings about every day life — baseball, fishing, his backyard, love — in a way that amplifies every piece as important. And oh those lyrics. In “Ferris Wheel” he sings, “I know when my feet finally hit the ground I will not remember the coming down.” And in “Amanda Bramlett,” “She had the kind of smile red roses were made for.” Amen. Buy this CD. ”

Days Like These Review from Performing Songwriter Magazine July/August 2002, Top 12 DIY:
“Honesty is the key to great music, and Dave Potts, with his refreshing, open-hearted songs, understands this well. On Days Like These, Potts explores the tiny battles and victories in the everyday. He explores his faith, his hometown and himself with an unabashed straightforwardness. Potts’ songs are a mellow, sun-dappled blend of Gordon Lightfoot’s breezy folk and James Taylor’s intimate song craft. He’s a regular guy singing songs about regular folks. The glittering mandolin and nostalgic autumn imagery on “Ferris Wheel” make a listener long for the melancholic sweetness of October. In “Hamilton Road” and “His Front Row Seat”, Potts draws bittersweet portraits of the simple joys in his characters’ lives. On every song, whether joyous or sad, Potts’ overwhelming love of life comes through and fills the listener with peacefulness.”

One Night In The South Review from Singer Magazine :
“Every once in a while, I preview a CD that seems to get stuck in my CD player. By choice, mind you. I just have to lean back and soak it in. Dave Potts’ latest CD, One Night In The South, is one of those discs. Speaking directly to my heart, Potts’ music mixes life’s crossroads with a personal spiritual journey that epitomizes the definition of a true singer/songwriter. His songs are often character sketches, straight out of black-and-white movies. My favorite has to be ‘One Mississippi’, a wonderfully touching song about the innocence of childhood love. It’s adolescent nostalgia at its best.”

“Dave Potts is the best new singer/songwriter of 2007 — I love his album $12.99 — I was listening to it in my hotel room in Memphis, looking for songs that I could play on my xm satellite radio show, and whaddya know — by the time I was through I had flagged EVERY SINGLE SONG. The last time I remember that happening was “Nightshift Watchman” by David Wilcox way back last century. The next day I ran over to find Dave (and his peeps) at his hotel to let them know how much I loved his work, and found him to be one of the kindest, smartest, most humble musicians I have ever met. Isn’t that the way it always is? The best musicians are the best people, too. Well, let’s face it — that’s not the way it always is, but with him it sure is.”
– an unsolicited testimonial from Christine Lavin

“A smooth mellow voice that evokes David Wilcox, clean talented guitar work, and lyrics that touch the heart; yep, works for me!”
-Seegar Swanson, Fiddler’s Green Concert Series, Atlanta Area Friends of Folk Music

$12.99 Review from
” The latest cd by Dave Potts, entitled $12.99 is a collection of well crafted and beautifully performed country-folk tunes. The most striking feature of the cd is the lovely tenor voice that Dave Potts uses to convey his down-home mainstream American values of life in and around his native Alabama. Many of these songs may especially resonate with fans of country music who are looking for a bit more depth and character development in their lyrics and a more folky feel. The cut that I personally found most appealing was Amanda Bramlett, not only because of the superb acoustic guitarwork and catchy melody, but also because the lyrics were not at all predictable. Boy meets girl, falls in love, then falls out of love and ends up with someone totally different. Like life itself, things never turn out the way you expect.”

Days Like These Review from
“What a pleasant surprise. When I slid this cd into my player, I had no idea that the lyrics and voice and acoustic guitar of this talented young man would have such a profound effect on me. Potts begins with a contemporary Christian tune called “No Other Explanation,” with poetic and introspective lyrics. He moves between positive songs of love for God (To Know You Then”), love for life (“On the Alabama Plains,” “Hamilton Road”), and love for his wife (“Amanda Bramlett,” “Only Once a Life”). Of the thirteen tunes here, there’s not a single weak spot. Absolutely beautiful songs, song in a style that I can only compare to James Taylor crossed with Kevn Kinney. yes, I know that’s an odd comparison, but if you are familiar with both artists, listen to Potts and tell me I am wrong. This disc will gather no dust in my cd rack. I plan to play it anytime I need a spiritual lift.”

South Side Diner Review from Dirty Linen Magazine:
“Owing more to David Wilcox and James Taylor than to Bob Dylan, South Side Diner is the best contemporary folk recording that I have heard in a very, very long time. Sweet, not sappy, all original songs are filled with great, manipulative lines that will tug at even the most jaded heart. Potts’ voice is gentle and true, his accompanying musicians pleasantly restrained. Potts is joined on many tracks by Jenny Goodspeed on harmony vocals.”

“Uplifting – like a visit from an old friend. Dave has a remarkable gift of crafting words and music which fit each other, feed off each other and leave audiences stunned, quieted.”
-Lee County Courier, Tupelo, MS

Music In My Soul Review from The Denver Post:
“Dave Potts ‘Music In My Soul’ is a fluid recording of simple folk and pleasing tunes. Purring acoustic guitar and tender tenor vocals seem to be in search of someone cuddled in a flannel blanket, rocking in front of a crackling fireplace and drinking a toasty cup of herbal tea. There’s no edge to this music and for those who like it soft, you’ll find no chafing on this comfortable disc.”

$12.99 Review from SingOut! Magazine:
” Dave Potts is a seasoned artist who has finely honed his craft. And you’ll find that this CD proves that well. Beautifully executed from start to finish, Potts doesn’t throw away one song, word or note in this well-produced and conceived portraiture of his art and performance. Rob Seals, who produced, engineered and mixed $12.99 has put together a tasty mix of backing instruments that allow Potts’ easy-to-listen to and warm voice to take center stage, along with his writing. The melodies and arrangements move the record along in an enjoyable journey that you’ll find ends much too fast each time it’s over.”

Live At Spring Road Review from Playgrounds magazine::
“Dave has a style closer to acoustic folk rock with influences from Rich Mullins and Caedmon’s Call. These songs are written from the heart with personal feelings and experiences evident in each one. Live at Spring Road is Potts’ fifth CD release. If you like folksy rock, you’ll love this CD. Don’t buy this CD to listen to when you’re trying to work around the house. It won’t happen. First thing you know, you’ll be curled up in your favorite chair with a warm cup cappucino and your mind carried away with the lyrics of the songs.”

“What can I say about Dave Potts’ music without rambling on about how great it is? Should I say that his writing is some of the best I’ve heard? Possibly I should point out how smooth and mellow his voice is. Or maybe, just maybe, I can sum it all up by telling you that his music will move you, captivate you, and leave you wanting more.”
-Karen E. Reynolds, Host of Writer’s Block, WDVX, Clinton TN

County Line Road Review from The Auburn Plainsman:
“Local singer/songwriter Dave Potts’ new album, ‘County Line Road’, is an endearing collection of Potts’ typical acoustic fare. The mellow album is a fine example of the quality of local original music. The most common themes of songs on the CD are love and life in the South. I was impressed by Potts’ ‘The Truest Heart’. It is my favorite song on the album. I put the CD player on repeat in order to listen to the song several times as I was reviewing it. Another song I really liked was a hidden track at the end of the 14th track. I assume the song is titled ‘I’m From Alabama Now.’ It is probably the simplest song on the album, but it is also the most fun. It is basically about the staples of being an Auburn resident, including rolling Toomer’s corner and cheering for the football team. Potts won me over when he brought up my favorite beverage, sweet tea. All-in-all, ‘County Line Road’ is a strong album. With a nice flow from song to song and interesting, evocative lyrics, Dave Potts proves there is more to Auburn’s music scene than band party cover groups. It’s always good to support quality local music and Dave Potts seems to be a local musician worth supporting.”

Stepping Stones Review from The Entertainment Scene::
“There’s nothing better than sitting in a small group of people watching a man singing with his acoustic guitar. Dave Potts is such a man. Stepping Stones is a very well produced CD that makes Dave sound like he is in your living room, though most of us would prefer a campfire. He’s got a wonderful style much in the John Denver vein. Unwind to this one.”

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