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  1. Hello! I selected a song of yours (you or an artist you represent) to air on
    the latest edition of my indie freeform program, Radio Crystal Blue Novus
    Ordo. The
    program will be uploaded and be first available on Wednesday 5/23/12.
    It will be recorded on Tuesday.

    On this show I’m spinning one song each from 8 new recordings from artists
    like yourself, and will present bio/press info as well as an intro.

    Here’s how people will be able to access the show:
    Look for the Feed Player at the home page at
    (there’s a link to click where it will popup within your browser). This
    is a brand new site I’ve built on WordPress.
    The player streams audio and can be accessed in many audio formats
    including iTunes. You can take the player and put it up on your site or
    You’ll need Flash/Shockwave to view the Player. If it doesn’t work, try a
    different browser, or go here:
    There are numerous options to share, download and stream the content.

    I will have the show available inside the Player for as long as it remains
    on the server, currently estimated for 8 months.
    After the show is uploaded to the Web and all updates are complete, I’ll
    post announcements of the airplay on Facebook, Twitter and Reverbnation
    plus a few Yahoo!Groups, and will post and tag the playlist.

    Please let me know if you’ll announce this to your audiences, and where you
    will do so. Let’s exchange links as well.

    If you haven’t already, please add to your general
    list. Future airplay will be determined on when you/your artist announces
    news and gigs.

    Radio Crystal Blue is free to share and listen, in accordance with Creative
    Commons non-commercial/full attribution/non-derivative license, version 3.0


    Dan Herman/Radio Crystal Blue:
    twitter: @radiocblue

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