2 weeks until the live recording!

It just two weeks until the live CD recording at the Sundilla Concert Series here in Auburn. I hope to see you at the show on Friday, July 29th. I’m getting the setlist narrowed down, and am still taking requests, so post ’em if you’ve got ’em, or yell them out at the show. The first song to have definitely made it onto the setlist, based on 3 folk DJ’s making the same request is ‘Hard To Say’.

One thought on “2 weeks until the live recording!

  1. The setlist is almost complete. There will be 5 new songs that no one has heard before. 3 other new songs that a few of you may have heard once or twice (including ‘Art Auctioneer’ from the Extra Innings bonus CD). In addition to ‘Hard To Say’, you can expect to hear ‘One Night In The South’, ‘The Garden We’re Growing’, ‘Martin’ and a few others that I’ll surprise you with. Hope to see you Friday night at the show!

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